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The Airbrush is a valued addition to the tools and materials utilized by the professional makeup artist in fashion, photography, commercial, motion pictures and television. Add this Valuable “new brush’ to your makeup case.

Mission statement / Our goal 

I will be teaching the “Art of Airbrushing” as an integral part of Make up Artistry Curriculum

In the past ten years we have witnessed makeup artist s relationship with the airbrush go from mild infatuation to actual incorporation into many areas from beauty and fantasy to appliance work.

Many makeup artists now include an airbrush kit as an integral part of the equipment that they travel with, whether on there own show or just Day- calls.

In the past airbrushing has been described as overwhelming. Many makeup artists today are using equipment they know little or nothing about and have little confidence in this area. It is not enough to just own the equipment. A good makeup artist must have a working knowledge of the equipment they use. Besides being able to deliver with an artist s hand the producer or client calls for.

The goal of Airbrush Curriculum is to instill confidence into our students and attendees Air Brush skills arid techniques by supplying them with expert knowledge, proper tools and outstanding instruction - thus adding another “brush” into their arsenal of tools.

Armand has always been dedicated to providing his students with the knowledge, tools and instructions make you a “No Limit Makeup Artist” and with the addition of our Airbrush Program we continue in that tradition. The airbrush is a great specialty tool that has many artistic benefits for professional makeup artists

In such areas as:

Beauty and Fashion, High Tech and Avant- Garde Fashion, Fantasy Makeup Designs, character and Alien Designs, creature and Monster Design, Body Art Painting, Body Makeup, The covering of tattoos and skin discoloration’s, the coloring of prosthetic appliance work.

It in a very tool for professional hairstylist in such areas as:

  • High Tech and Avant- Garde Hair Fashions

  • Alien end creature Hair Designs    

  • Fantasy Hair Styling Designs

  • Specialty Hair Coloring

  • The following class descriptions have been outlined in detail to give you Insight to the exciting world of airbrushing that is now available to you Through Martin Armand Makeup Artistry.Back to Top

    Intro to Airbrushing / Two day course

    Whether you have been spraying for fifteen years or have wanted to start, this one-day course has students use this class as preventative maintenance of bad habits. This one-day class will forever effect the way you spray. The more you open your imagination and willingness to learn, you will be open to list of just some of the information that you will learn in this hands-on one day workshop.

  • History of double versus single action brushes/ what is best for you and application

  • Education on different types of brushes (Gravity vs. bottom/side fed)

  • For different uses / what and why

  • Proper ways to hold the brush / preventative disasters

  • Dots / keeping the air on / pro’s and con’s

  • Line work / Turning paint on and off

  • Creating clean work

  • Spraying that prevents clogging

  • Dagger strokes

  • Blending

  • How to make flawless blends

  • How to highlights using one color

  • Target practice

  • Getting the most out of your paint

  • Trouble shooting the brush not spraying right / hot to correct in seconds

  • Ball exercise to learn highlighting and shadow work

  • How to achieve photo realistic work

  • Cylinder project

  • Ways to achieve detail without masks or frisket

  • Two-four small projects to take home to be used as reference of what to do and what not to do.

  • Maintenance on your brush

  • Materials to use for your needs. Back to Top

  • Intermediate Airbrushing / Three day course

    Intro class is prerequisite

    This three-day course is designed for those students who have taken the intro course and have had their work reviewed and approved by the instructor. Students will start on mini illustrations, which is done step by step along with the instructor. This allows the student a look into ways that effects can be achieved with little effort. Students describe these “Tricks of the Trade “as a peek into the vast effect world that can be made with the airbrush. This is the time when practice makes perfect. Projects will then be assigned and reviewed at the end of each week. Strict grading and critique will be applied to again make sure that you the student get the most out of the course. Below are examples of what’s involved:

  • Projects to practice as homework

  • Techniques for beauty: skin tone, face, eyes, mouth and hair

  • Getting the most of your colors / ways to blend with ease

  • How to project and transfer images

  • Rendering fur

  • Rendering stone

  • Rendering hair

  • Rendering more than one element / overlapping images

  • How to highlight to get that famous wet look

  • Rendering water and liquid

  • Rendering cyborg and futuristic effects

  • Fast splatter techniques

  • Rendering outer space

  • Alien skin techniques

  • Rendering wood

  • Student vs. instructor challenge

  • How to do vein work

  • Note: As you will learn if you take the courses, you will come to realize that these techniques and effects can be applied in the entertainment field whether on prosthetics, skin, clothing or hard surfaces such as sets. So that you don’t get confused, understand that you will be educated on different paints and airbrushes used for different applications. Whichever course you decide, you will find that your technique will be universal. Back to Top


    Advanced Airbrushing / Three day Coarse

    Intro and intermediate is prerequisite

    This intense three-day class is designed to launch your rendering

    Capabilities as an artist. It takes the fundamentals of the intro class, adapts the intermediate techniques and ties it all together so the student can embark on their own project that will take a full three days.

    Each student will walk through his or her project, step by step, with the Instructor, reviewing their plan of attack The experience of how a project can be approached with the airbrush as opposed to a normal brush or painting method will be a huge advantage as you learn ways to save time and effort as well as how to prevent mistakes and bad habits.

    When you have added the airbrush to your existing pallet of tools, the possibilities become end less as you expand your philosophy and way of producing Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling Art.

    Here is a glimpse into the advance class curriculum:

  • Working on a model (that you supply) to execute the challenge of real Life situations

  • Projecting and duplicating your image into a layout Choosing paints that best suit your project the differences of paint vs. the surface it’s to be applied to

  • Using various sizes of airbrushes for backgrounds, base coats and priming

  • Learning whether or not frisket, loose masks or freehand templates are suitable for the look you desire

  • Ways to achieve total freehand technique which results i n faster spraying, higher quality and more money made for your time How to market your talent and promote yourself

  • Equipment education to customize your setup

  • This advanced class brings all your training; skills, techniques and methods into a single project that

  • will show case your talents and abilities.

  •  Under the direction and guidance of the instructor you will crystallize and refine your skills with the airbrush making it a practical part of your makeup case and working tools.

  •     Note--MODEL REQUIRED (at your expense)

  • Class Hours: 9am to 5pm

  • Lunch is 1 hour, There are fast food places and restaurants near by

  • * All Students will be supplied with airbrushes, hoses, holders, paints, air source, practice boards, and miscellaneous supplies and materials.

  • * Bring a notebook and a model to work on where indicated.

  • * If a student already has there own equipment it is not mandatory for them to use the airbrushes supplied in class only try them for comparison. If you so choose you are welcome to bring your own setup for evaluation and recommendations by Instructor.

  • * All applicants need to forward a check for $150.00 ($100.00 of which is non refundable) payable to: Martin Armand as a deposit/registration fee, which is applied towards tuition. This must be sent with the completed enrollment application form.

  • * Ultimate decision is at the instructors’ discretion. Back to Top

  • Cancellation and Refund Policy

    Martin Armand Makeup artistry maintains the following refund policy,

    In the event a student or client wishes to terminate their enrollment or any services prior to completion of their course, a refund will be based on a percentage scale of attendance. After 60% of the course has been completed, a student will not be entitled to a refund. Notice of intent to drop a course must be in the form of a written request. A student or client must give thirty (30) days notice prior to the beginning of the course if they choose to drop out prior to the start date. Back to Top


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