Body Art

Special Effect





 Vancouver Sun Newspaper


The letter garment was the only one National Public Relations firm manager Guy Fouchon wore. he rest of his Napoleon ensemble was sprayed on to his bare skin by airbrush artist Martin Armand., which gave appreciative ball-goers of every gender the opportunity to learn more about the Bonapartes.

Malcolm Parry,
The Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, April 23, 2002



Carly Simon and Elise Dyson were hits at Loft Six in Martin Armand's beer-Label ensembles

Airbrush couturier Martin Armand hit the fun-loving crowd's mood dead on by attiring a half-dozen models in gossamer creations that replicated beer labels. Model Carly Jacobs laughingly concurred that Armand's outfits added nuance to any talk about " Cold ones..." 

Malcolm Parry The Vancouver Sun, Saturday, February 23, 2002

Superb air brusher Martin Armand 
decorated model Jacqueline Stewart for a short appearance as Strawberry Chocolate and Paige Gray as Chocolate and Cream. ...

Malcom Parry - Vancouver Sun Saturday, Feb, 2 2002

Province, Monday, Feb 4 2002
Susi's night

Repeating a past-years hit, Martin Armand and other body-painting artists made such lightly clad models as former professional soldier 
Tabatha Ror appear to be wearing more than many of their fashion-show colleagues.....

Malcolm Parry, The Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Tabatha Ror wore air brusher Martin Armand's tiger. 
The Vancouver Sun Tuesday November 27, 2001